cavitation in glass beaker 3cavitation in glass beaker

Sonic Systems

The internationally recognised designer and manufacturer of Innovative Power Ultrasonic Enabling Technology, providing complete ultrasonic engineered solutions both in an OEM capacity and as generic power ultrasonic process systems. Sonic Systems development, manufacturing and application experience enables our customers assured world leading technology for use in global market sectors.

Ultrasonic OEM Designers and Manufacturers

Sonic Systems are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of Innovative Power Ultrasonic Systems principally for the OEM market.

Power Ultrasonic Process System Manufacturers

In order to assist customers in ultrasonically enabling existing equipment, or investigate the effects of ultrasonics in enhancing a particular process, Sonic Systems also supply laboratory scale process systems comprising a bench driver/control unit (Generator), an ultrasonic transducer and suitable mechanical tooling to couple the ultrasonic energy into the process. 



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